At Solitary Homes, we understand the importance of smart investment decisions, especially when it comes to growing your property portfolio. Our commitment is to help you achieve your financial goals by offering tailored solutions through strategic investments in the right house and land packages, in collaboration with reputable local developers.

Here’s how we can assist you in expanding and diversifying your property portfolio:

Local Market Knowledge: As a local property specialist, we possess in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in the areas we operate, including insights into market trends, property values, and growth potential. This knowledge is invaluable when selecting the right house and land packages for investment.

Relationships with Local Developers: Over the years, we have built strong and enduring relationships with local developers who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community well-being. These partnerships give us access to exclusive opportunities and allow us to secure prime house and land packages for our clients.

Strategic Location Selection: We carefully evaluate and select properties in high-growth areas with strong rental and resale potential. Our focus is on locations that align with your investment objectives and offer long-term capital growth.

Risk Mitigation: We conduct thorough due diligence to minimize investment risk. Our team assesses factors such as market demand, infrastructure development, and zoning regulations to ensure your investments are sound and secure.

Fully Packaged Solutions: Our house and land packages are fully inclusive, covering everything from design and construction to property management and tenant sourcing. This comprehensive approach streamlines the investment process and maximizes your returns.

Financial Analysis: We provide detailed financial analyses, including return on investment projections and cash flow assessments, to help you make informed investment decisions that align with your financial goals.


We design with people in mind and use every expertise at our disposal.Our practice connects
communities and is committed to the stewardship of place, the environment.

  • The talent at Mrittik runs wide and deep. Across many markets, geographies.
  • Our team members are some of the finest professionals in the industry.
  • Organized to deliver the most specialized service possible and enriched.

Mrittik Architects is a full-service design firm providing architecture, master planning, urban design, interior architecture, space planning and programming. Our portfolio of completed work includes highly acclaimed and award-winning projects for clients around the country.

You don’t create unforgettable spaces all over the world with a single design tool. Our expertise in drawing people together is as broad as it is deep. It draws from a variety of disciplines, each one contributing to the bigger picture and sustainable growth. More than 3,000 projects fill our portfolio, but it’s the millions of people who experience them who matter most. We’ve grouped our work into five categories: places, venues, spaces, experiences and events.


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